Saturday, July 12, 2008

Recovering back in London

We are back in London after our fantastic trip. The flight home was delayed so we got home later than expected but we made it. After the shipped kicked us off bright and early so we spent the whole day in Venice flying out late last night. We did some more sight seeing, shopping and had some good Italian pizza and gelato.

Today we are resting up because it was a such long day yesterday. Garland and I just got back with some Indian take away for a late lunch. He actually had Indian food for lunch and liked it. Crazy I know.

We have a couple more days with Garland and are going to do a bit more exploring in London. If the weather is nice tomorrow we may try to get to Stonehenge.

I'm working on the pictures and should get them posted shortly.

Garland says, "Tell everybody hi for me. Its been so much fun and so so exciting. Tell them I have a lot of stories and photos to show off and I will see everybody soon. oh yeah, Hi Mom and Dad!"

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