Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chinese Signs and Translations

We are loving some of the signs and translations.  There are all kinds of random instructions such as:

Wonder if this is the same issue as cell phone use being prohibited at gas stations....?  (this was at a temple, by the way)

We also found out yesterday that there is a bathroom star rating system!  Somebody google and see if there is an app or website that locates them all.  We hit a 3 star and 4 star bathroom yesterday and compared to some of the um, barely-tolerable-even-for-guys-bathrooms we've had to suffer through, these were clean and worth the star rating.  The stall doors in the men's were even complete with a number and picture of how to use the toilet.  Very helpful indeed.



    Don't know if this is what youre looking for but it's all I got for ya. I'll keep looking

  2. Your sign translation observations reminds me of a book I read a long time ago called "No Shitting in the Toilet" by Peter Moore. The title of the book referred to a sign the author had seen in Dali, China.

    Keep up the posts.


    I accidentally typed in before remembering the real domain of your blog, and I got redirected to a site dedicated to Nigerian Dwarf Goats. I "kid" you not. Check it out!

  3. Nothing like a bit of Engrish to enlighten your day!

  4. Loving the translations for sure!

    Andre - I get redirected too! Looks like they make good pets...