Thursday, January 5, 2012

The start of a new journey: Welcome to Russia!

Well, I think I promised many of you interesting stories from our travels and so as to not disappoint - I wanted to start you off with our first travel challenge - how do you pack when 90% of your travel gear is stuck in US customs after having been shipped over from the UK?  Answer: Scramble and buy new stuff!  So that's what we did in our last few manic days at home before setting off!  A few trips to Goodwill, Walmart and various sports stores to pick up the bare minimum.  However, we think this helped us pack lighter.  Let us know if you all know of anyone in the market for a near complete used set of travel gear in about 6 months...

So after the slight packing challenge we boarded our flight and set off.  In an ironic twist, we changed in London which was odd arriving but not staying there!

Then we arrived in St Petersburg, Russia on the evening of 2 January.  We were a little disappointed that there wasn't any snow but mother nature had a little surprise for us the next morning!  Here is a picture to set the scene - we'll post more about what we got up to later...we have to go catch our 10pm overnight train to Moscow!

Welcome to Russia!

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  1. What a fantastic adventure. I hope you both have a fantastic time.