About us

In 2006, just months after we got married we had an interesting conversation in the car as we were driving home to Lexington, KY.  "So, what's next?"  We weren't ready for kids yet and a couple other big themes kept popping up.  Our only "regret" in life to date was that we hadn't done a study abroad while in university - we wanted to see more of the world.  We also wanted to move to a bigger city like Chicago, NYC or Atlanta.  

"Ok, so how do we do it?"  Steph worked for a large public accounting firm that had offices all over the US and as we were talking about Steph transferring to Chicago or NYC Josh chimed in "why not transfer to somewhere international?"  And so an idea was born.  

In 2007 we moved to London for what was supposed to be a 2 year secondment with Steph's company.  Five years later (and after many, many travels) we finally decided to move back to the States - this time to NYC.

That brings the story up-to-date as we are currently finishing 5 months of travelling around Asia / Southeast Asia and India.  We'll be settling in NYC in June 2012.  Our travels won't end there so stay tuned - who knows where you'll find us next!  


  1. I'm so excited for the two of you! You are an inspiration!

  2. Bob from Boston: Thanks for the story about your Trans Siberian Railway experience. I am an American, living in the Netherlands and planning the trip for this summer. Can you help me by answering a question? We are bringing some electrical equipment: computer, Kindle, cameras. Can we charge them on the train? In the cabin? the hallway? How does that work?

    Thanks, Bob

    1. Hey Bob - we love the Netherlands! How cool! You can charge your electrical items on the train. Be sure to bring a universal power adapter. There were electrical outlets in the halls of all of our trains, although a couple of them didn't work well (e.g. the plugs wouldn't stay in). Keep in mind they may not be right outside your cabin door. We also had the experience of being CHARGED for using the electrical outlets in the dining car...so just use the ones in your hallway. Have a blast!

  3. Hi guys,
    I've just been reading your blog about Tordi Gahr in India, and wondered if you travelled with either Peregrine or Gecko's? I'm the copywriter for both these companies (they are sister companies) and would love to publish your story on our blog. Is this something you'd be interested in? I could either re-purpose what you've got here or you could write us something new. It sounds like you really fell in love with the place.
    You can email me on kellieb@peregrineadventures.com