Monday, June 16, 2008

The President's Real Arrival

I need to to clarify on our last post as it wasn't totally accurate.

What we saw fly by the window was not President Bush but his arrival convoy that includes a back-up 747, a 757 jet and four helicopters, the presidential limos, his security force and other things that go with him when he travels. I'm not sure why all the fighter jets were in the convoy though...

Anyway, he didn't actually arrive until mid afternoon yesterday where he was quickly off to Windsor castle for tea with the Queen.

Yesterday we kept an eye out for Air Force One but it flew directly over the flat so I could only briefly see the bottom of the plane.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sitting in our living room...and we saw George W fly by

We were sitting in our living room and Josh had just sat down next to me with his sandwich and taken a huge bite, then he stands up and yells "it's George W!"

Apart from me being scared to pieces and thinking he's lost his marbles, "What", I said. But after both of us bolted to the window we were lucky enought to watch 2 minute or so entourage of airplanes that undoubtedly was carrying the President in for his arrival in the UK today. It was formation after formation of impressive jets and fighters. Two huge jets flanked by two fighters, then another similar formation, then a formation of 9(!) fighters in a diamond pattern, then two sets of huge jets flanked again by fighters, then a formation of 16(!) fighters in another diamond formation, then even more jets! My goodness when he rolls, he rolls in style!

One interesting note is that people in general not being happy that George is coming, those at Heathrow are even more upset because his arrival apparently (and understandably) causes major disruption to Heathrow flights.

Wow - well that was pretty much as neat as seeing him walk by on the street - and maybe even better because that was an impressive entourage of planes. Although, that's our tax dollars (and gas) being blown out the back of all those planes. Oh, wait, we aren't paying US taxes really at the moment...ok, its YOUR tax dollars! haha - thanks for the impressive show!

Here all of the photos. Josh was half hanging out the window so apologies for the poor quality.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Continuing on to Paris

Jamo and Erin just left to catch their Eurostar train to Paris. We had a great time with them here in London and wish them the best of travels the next couple of weeks.

I'll leave most of the travel stories to them but be sure and ask about Jamo and I getting accused of hitting on some bloke's girl who was twice our age. Ah, the sites and sounds of good ol' British pubs life.

The picture above is taken at 30 St Mary Axe, aka "The Gherkin", after seeing one of the buildings on Jamo's list, the Lloyds Building.

As for us its back to work although I am off to Edinburgh for a conference this week called Scotch on the Rocks. And yes it is a tech conference despite its name.

I'll try and get some photos up from the England V USA match soon.