Friday, January 13, 2012

Trip Update and Progress


Today is our last day in Yekateringburg and really our last day in Russia.  Just after midnight tonight we board the train for Mongolia but it takes 70+ straight hours on the train to get there.  Yep, a little over 3 days with only a few 20 minute stops until we reach Ulaanbaatar.  Hopefully we should be able to put together a nice collection of blogs while we're on the long train journey because we have some good photos and stories to share.

The days are flying by!  On top of the short winter days, its light about 10am and dark again at about 5pm, we've been going at a strong pace. Yesterday was dog sledding in the Urals forest and today was ice fishing at Sharkash Lake, where Steph pulled off a pretty good trick (we'll let the suspense build...).  And all of this after our last manic months in London and a busy Christmas home means we're actually really looking forward to some rest on the train.

The forecast for Mongolia is...well, COLD, about -18 Celsius or 0 Farenheit, with night time lows of -30 C / -24 F!  Yikes!

So, with our bags packed and loaded down with some typical train food (pot noodles, sweets to share, vodka, etc) we're ready for the longest train journey we'll probably ever take, across stunning Siberia!

In the meantime here are a few photos because I've got to go. Steph just took her last shower for a few days and now its my turn... 

(Photos below:  Josh climbing a snow pile in front of Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow, our first train dinner on the train from Moscow to Ekaterinburg and us standing on the Europe/Asia continental divide)


Ice Climbing in Moscow


Train Food - "Hidden Chicken"At the border between Europe and Asia



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