Friday, July 4, 2008

Garland has landed

We had an exciting day yesterday because Steph's nephew Garland arrived to start his holiday. He had to fly over by himself and with a little help from the Detla staff he didn't have any trouble. It took a few movies, snacks, and naps but he made it through ok.

Once he landed and dropped his luggage, Steph took him to see a bit of central London including the Eye, Big Ben, the London Zoo and the London Aquarium. The photo was taken in Trafalgar Square outside the National Gallery. In just one day away from KY he's already becoming a transportation expert, navigating planes, trains, the tube and the double decker buses. Finally after a big day we decided to take it easy for dinner having pizza just around the corner from our flat here in Clapham.

As any of our previous visitors know, to ease the effects of jet lag we set a goal of staying up until 10pm the day you arrive and it was no different for Garland. He struggled through dinner but after the pizza he went over and beyond staying up until midnight. What a trooper! Although I think he's paying for it this morning as he's a complete zombie ;)

I posted a few of the photos from day 1 and we will continue to post updates throughout his trip so keep an eye out. Today we head to Venice to catch our cruise to Greece and Croatia.

One last note. Garland says to tell everybody he is doing great and having fun so far. To his mum and dad he says, "don't worry, I'm ok".

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