Monday, July 7, 2008

Cruising to Greece

The cruise has been a big hit so far. Plenty of food, sun and activities to keep us all entertained as Garland writes below.

"Well our cruise is awesome! It has put put golf and a rock wall which I dominated (of course) lol jk. But it has almost everything you name it. Josh and I have been having so much fun so far. And we have been ordering room service at 1 and 2 in the morning. Tomorrow we make it to a port and hit Greece! And now all I can say at 2:17 in the morning is...look out Greece here comes Garland and the Nolands!"

We climbed the rock wall which was a blast!

Today we are in Athens, Greece. It's supposed to be scorching hot but we are going to brave the heat in the name of Social Studies. Even though Garland doesn't totally agree or may not be totally enthused because we are on vacation, but we are going to give him a bit of "Real Social Studies". The living breathing and inspiring sites and sounds of ancient Greece. I know I'm excited.

Before I go let me give a quick parent disclaimer. The trip is going smooth and we are keeping Garland out of trouble ;). We have loads of photos and video to show you. He's having fun, loving the unlimited ice cream (only after solid meal of course) and totally enjoying meeting so many people from other countries and cultures. Tonight we took in a musical show that was a musical covering movies over the years before a midnight swim. Try not to worry, all is well from Europe.

Andio (goodbye in Greek)...

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