Friday, July 11, 2008


Ahh - picture perfect Greece - narrow, cobblestone streets just wide enough for walking and the occasional moped shaped by tall white-washed buildings with bright blue shutters and doors - all framed by the majestic turquoise blue Mediterranean ocean. Wow. Enough said.

Well not quite enough - we might as well tell you what we did while on this little piece of paradise. The sites, sounds, and people made for a day to remember in Mykonos. It seemed like every corner we turned there was a friendly face smiling at us or saying hello.

So as you can tell from the picture above Garland and I rented a moped. Steph wanted to do some shopping so we decided it would be fun to get out of the town and cruise the island. What a blast! We speed from one side of the island to the other seeing lots of the beaches and white houses Mykonos is famous for. At one point we ended up at a remote rundown lighthouse on the other side of the island from the cruise ship with what seemed like nobody in sight for miles.

After a few hours on the beach we decided to have a quick and easy gyro for lunch. We ordered two pork and one chicken filled pitas with tomato and seasoned greek yogurt spread all topped with french fries. Yummy. While ordering I was chatting with the lady who was serving us asking about the yogurt and other random questions that I usually have, one being, "how do you stay so skinny working around these amazing gyros"? She said she has a gyro every day but then sticks strictly to salad for dinner. Funny huh. She even gave me the recipe for the yogurt spread. Then, later in the day after our moped ride we were thirsty so we went back to the gryo shop to grab a drink. Well I guess I made a good impression because I ended up leaving her shop with a big bucket full of the yogurt spread. How cool! We brought the bucket to dinner on the ship to share with our table mates then gave the rest to our head waiter.

Here's what Garland had to say about Mykonos.

"Well lord it was hot and we had to take several breaks, but we saw some cool stuff and the people are usually really nice but the people in Mykonos are even more nice. Mykonos has really nice beaches that are warm and the water feels so good. Josh and I swam in the ocean waiting for Steph to finish shopping and we just swam out just sort of treading water and then Steph finally got there. We dried off and got on the boat. I really like Mykonos. Athens had better history but Mykonos was just better overall.

During the trip I met an 11 year old girl who sits at our dinner table from New Jersey and we became friends and started hanging out on the ship together and her mom is really fun as well. We all are having a really good time."

Finally, a bit of mid-cruise analysis from Garland. I'm paraphrasing here...

So far its been a really good experience. I didn't realize there was so much in the world to do and see. Its really cool to meet people from different countries like our table mates and waiters. Adrian, our head waiter, from Romania is so cool. He lets me have two main courses every night for dinner. (Tonight it was 2 sirloin steaks and a dessert). Our other waiter, Jeronimo is from Dominican Republic and is fun.

Up next is Croatia...


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  3. I loved visiting the Greek Islands - Ostuni was a memorable spot. Enjoyed your post - your description of the sea as background resonated. Have fun!

  4. that doesn't happen everyday. wish you all the best.

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  6. Let me get that recipe jnoland...Glad to see your having so much fun. Talk to you soon.