Sunday, April 29, 2012

Notes From the Travel Desk - Goa!

I can't believe April is nearly over and we've been in India the entire month.  All sorts has been happening although its been a slow month from a blogging perspective.  We've been making our way north from Kerala through Bangalore, Mysore and Hampi.

We are now in Goa, settled on a quiet beach for some sun and sand.  Expect another flurry of posts the next week or so as we try to get caught up.

Here we found a great little cabin with a balcony overlooking the beach which you can see below.  It's very quiet, nearing the end of the season, but the white sand and palm trees are still picturesque.  Everything is awaiting the monsoon so a transformation is happening as resorts close and temporary structures are taken down until next year. The only restaurant around closes in another week so I guess we will have to move on then.

Our cabin is simple but has big balcony doors that open allowing in the breeze.  Without air conditioning this is a must.  You can even see my sand castle in the middle of the picture above.

That's all for now.

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