Sunday, May 22, 2011

The View From Steph's Office

Check out the view from the top of Steph's new office building in London.  I'd say its a good one!

Her company just recently moved and today had a family day open house, so she could take me and show it off.  The building itself seems like a great place to work with lots of open collaboration spaces, full of soft comfy chairs, and plenty of outside views looking out over the city.  Its also a very eco friendly building complete with a green roof.

Looking closer at the photo, the building in the foreground is the London Mayor's office.  As well, you can no doubt see Tower Bridge along with Canary Wharf in the background.  Oh and they call the little hole in the ground, "The Scoop".

Continuing with our eco theme, the barges in view are cleaning up the river. The closest one is full of bottles and cans all pulled out of the river by a contraption just out of view.  Its basically a big net, for lack of better description, which pulls out what it can.  There are a few of them in various places along the river which can't hurt.

Anyway, the weather was good so we just took it easy by the river and waited for a scheduled opening of Tower Bridge.  This allowed us to do some prime people watching and snap the below photo of The Tower of London.  That's about it for today, just a low key Sunday afternoon.

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