Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tanzania and The Journey Back to London

The last day of the safari really started our journey home even though our flight wasn't for another day. From the Serengeti we had about a 6-7 hour drive back to Arusha. It's times like these when you really miss the Interstate system. Check out this short video clip of our ride. Now try and imagine 4+ hours of this before you hit the paved roads. Dust anyone...

After we made it back to Arusha we had to re-confirm our flights at the local Kenya Airways office. For some reason if you have more than 72 hours between your arrival and departure flights you must re-confirm your flight or else it will be cancelled. Yes I know, its a strange policy.

To wind down our trip we had one more night at the Patwa's residence. Luckily we took some advice and booked a flight to Dar instead of the 8 hour bus ride again. The 12-seater plane was an adventure and when we hit a nice little air pocket in the sky it gave us that feeling of free fall. Although it lasted a mere moment, it made us exchange sideways glances!

We caught our flight in Dar back to London and arrived "home" without any issues.

Finally Steph and I want to give a few shout outs to wrap up the trip.

The Patwa's, thank you for all of your hospitality! Thanks for giving us more food than we could possible eat, places to stay before, during and after the wedding and for helping schedule the safari and Zanzibar trip. To the whole family - we enjoyed meeting and getting to know you all. Someone ask the Secretary General to keep an eye on his "diet" for me...

Ali, thanks again for helping schedule our flight from Dar along with shuttling us to the airport. Also thanks for keeping an eye on me during the wedding ceremonies helping me to avoid any "stupid moments". It was a pleasure!

Sameer, thank you for letting us be a part of your wedding. It was a wonderful experience and we were honored to be invited. Best wishes to you and Tez.

That's all for Tanzania. So what's next?

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