Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Time to Focus on the wedding

We said good bye to Zanzibar and boarded the ferry back to Dar which was quite a trip. It started off being an hour and a half late so we had to stand at the not so friendly port waiting on the boat. Luckily our fantastic guide Omar waited with us. The ride was really wavy and we could hear everybody getting sick as they were handing out plastic bags left and right. Luckily they were playing an old Sylvester Stallone movie that kept us occupied. Out of sight out of mind right?

One funny note, as we were leaving the ship (everybody trying to exit at the same time through one small door, arg) Steph had to be careful to not hit a 32' TV that a guy was balancing on his head while exiting in front of her. Oh man what a site..

We then took the bus (a grueling 9+ hours) from Dar to Arusha where we finally met up with Sameer which was a big relief. This is when Steph got here henna tatoo in the picture. We then had a huge party where we were able to meet all of Sameer's family, who are a riot by the way, and had our first taste of Tanzanian grilled kabobs called Nando (I think). The kabobs were marinated in some sort of spiced yogurt concoction grilled over real charcoal and excellent! I am getting the recipe so we can try it out at home.

Today we drove to Moshi where the wedding will take place. We started off with lunch at a mosque where we ate traditional Tanzanian/Indian food. Believe it or not I am enjoying all of the food. It is so different from anything I normally eat but it is really good. We may just have to start eating more Indian food...

Finally Happy 4th of July everyone! Put a hotdog on the grill for us...

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  1. Steph, You look beautiful! (as always) I'm so glad ya'll are having such a good time! We miss you down here in Texas!