Monday, March 11, 2013

Say hello to my little friends - the fish of the Andaman Sea

As I previously mentioned, the dive sites on our liveaboard trip kept getting better and better.  The variety and volume of marine life was stunning and we *tried* to capture some of that beauty by renting an underwater camera.  To save you from a detailed account of each fascinating dive I have compiled a set of photos and little stories about some of our favorite fish.  Say hello to my little friends...

Boxfish - one of our favorites...maybe because of their funny boxy shape and mis-match color patterns as babies. But don't touch, they secrete a toxic liquid that is poisonous to other fish.

Nudibranch - there were numerous varieties and colors of nudis - weird little slug-like things, but we came to love them.  And they are the size of your thumb nail! A challenge to find but rewarding!

Juvenile Angelfish - our favorite! A strikingly attractive little fish and hard to find!

Harlequin Shrimps - These shrimps are tiny, less than an inch long but AMAZING!

Octopus - this guy was hard to spot, but I happened to see him as our group went by because his color changing skin reacted as he moved to reposition on his rock.

Seahorse - these famous little guys are HARD to find.  So small and delicate.  What a treasure to see him!

Porcupine fish & Mappa Pufferfish
We saw these guys often although the shipwreck site we visited really brought them to a new level - they were all over the place and I found out they charge at paparazzi!

Stone Fish - Camouflaged and poisonous.  We steered clear.

Moray eels - Freaky - We only saw a couple of them swimming in the open. Most of the time these scary creatures were lurking in holes in the rocks.

Trigger Fish - Infamous, just look at those coral busting teeth.

Coral trout, I think - hiding where they do.

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