Friday, February 10, 2012

Sky on Fire

This is going to sound cliché but the sunsets have been nothing short of unreal since we arrived in Malaysia.  Case in point:

We headed down to the boardwalk of restaurants on the water for dinner one evening after a grueling day of shopping for a new summer wardrobe.  I setup the tripod and remote trigger to save some effort while we relaxed and sat on the edge of the boardwalk.  Snap - right as the sun tucked away beyond the horizon.  It was a nice sunset, as you can see.  We smiled, pleased for a good ending to the day with our feet dangling over the water...

Being patient, we stayed for the encore - the sun isn't always done when it falls below the horizon - while others around us set off to source some dinner.  We learned this lesson a few years ago in Istanbul where we grabbed one of our all time favorite photos.  Funny enough, in that instance we bailed after what we thought was only a semi-spectacular sunset (kind of like the above) but lucked out later.  I digress.  

Anyway, a few minutes later we started to get some color.  Ok...some big color.  Looking at my watch is was still getting brighter nearly 20 minutes after the sun ducked under the horizon then...!  Brighter and brighter - more and more color!  Every wispy cloud was absorbing and reflecting an Easter-egg shade of color.  After a reposition, I captured the final image nearly 25 minutes after sunset with the water and sky both glowing like they were on fire.  Can you see Steph?  That was our view for this awesome display.

So please take this lesson with you...let sunset go for an encore.  The real show may only have just begun.

We will be back with a little more on Kota Kinabalu and our latest hangout, Mantanani Island, later.  Our little island paradise only has internet after they turn on the electricity from 6pm to 6am...

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