Friday, February 24, 2012

Sand Volleyball: Spot The White Guy!

I forgot to mention that in the lodge there was a sand volleyball court.  Oddly, this sat idle until late in the afternoon about an hour before sunset when all of the locals would randomly just appear for a few games.  Sitting on our porch the first night they needed an extra player and I was in!
Usually teams were 3-6 which varied by how many people were on the island that day.  The quality was low but I'm not great at volleyball either.  Funny enough, I was one of the taller players so they always wanted me to block and spike which I happily obliged when I could!  Luckily the net was a little low and there weren't any touch the net rules.  Back and forth it went with some good skill occasionally.  Communication was a constant problem causing points to be won and lost on both sides followed by huge roars of laughter.  Oh and my team was normally the victor, rock!
The volleyball was such good fun.  Usually it was me and the Malaysian guys, so I was able to get to know a few of them.  Even though we didn't speak much we had the sports bond and respect for each other.  Soon enough I was one of the guys and somebody they looked for when it was game time.

As you can imagine after 3 games of volleyball each evening in the hot weather, it was off to take a dip in the ocean to cool off and catch the sunset!  You can see me diving in after a big win I'm sure...
Oh and see if you can spot the white guy in the photos...

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