Monday, August 13, 2007

We bought a car!

After looking at car options - buying one versus leasing one through my company - we decided the used car market here is loaded with good deals, AKA cheap cars. And as we are more interested in spending cash on airplane tickets than a shiny new car, used car prices work for us.
We started looking in June before Tanzania and went to see a couple dodgy looking vehicles (well they didn't look dodgy on autotrader). We were trying to stay under 1000 GBP (yeah, I know, cheap). After a couple strikes, we decided to give up until after we got back from Africa and dealt with the fact that our car budget might have to increase.

After having a rental for the past two weeks it crystallised the fact that we need a car. Although public transport here is awesome, having a car can just let you do so much more... allowing you to roam around small villages looking for a neat place to eat dinner and to tour the English countryside on the weekends.

Well, after all of the suspense, here she is - the 1996 Vauxhall Vectra. I know you're jealous. haha! This is actually a larger vehicle here but it will allow us to tote around our guests without their knees being up to their chins in the back seat.

Yes, that beauty and we stayed within our original budget! (Ok, it DOES have a little ding on the bumper, but oh well...)


  1. Hey guys, sweet ride you have there. I am a little jealous and thought it would be ok if you could go ahead and ship me the 1996 Vauxhall in return I will be glad to give you the Vette. As long as Dad doesn't mind. See you soon!

    Zac and Tara

  2. Awesome vehicle...but nothing beats 'Megan' from our travels in Ireland:)

  3. Good for people to know.