Saturday, August 25, 2007

August Bank Holiday Weekend

So what does a guy in the UK do while his wife is at home in KY?

Thus far he plays golf, goes to the pub, and eats KFC fried chicken...

It was a beautiful day here in Surrey after many ugly ones this past week. No rain, no clouds just the sun at a marvelous 80 degrees. A great day for a round of golf!

While Steph is away I am thinking of going to Notting Hill Carnival on Monday. Its one of the largest street festivals in Europe. Sounds tempting, has anyone been that can give me some pointers?

Also, I posted the Paris pictures for those who are interested.

The one above is me in front of Notre Dam. Here I am at the Louvre and here sliding down a hand rail on a huge set of stairs. Check out Steph by the Arc with the Grande Arche and La Défense district in the background.

Finally, please tell Steph the cats say hi but they want her to hurry back...

Now its time for a movie.

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