Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Steph's home in KY

Steph has landed safely in Lexington and will be in KY through the weekend. Everyone help give her a big welcome home for me.

This means the cats and I are on our own for a few days. What is a guy and his 2 cats to do? Funny right? I guess its is a good time to practice driving because I need to get my UK drivers licensee. I hear its quite a bit tougher than the US's process so I better start preparing.

Steph enjoy the heat. Its cold and rainy here. What happened to summer? I am not sure we even had one...


  1. I loved your pictures of Paris. I'm surprised you could take pictures in the Louvre, especially of the Mona Lisa. I have wanted to go to Paris in the worst way since I was in middle school taking 4 years of French. Will you go back again before you move home?
    I don't know anything about the Notting Hill Carnival, but Notting Hill is a really great chick flick. Is that the movie you were planning to watch??????

  2. I was surprised at first too that we could take pictures. Then you start walking around and realize there just isn't much they could do about it. There are so many people especially foreign tourists with cameras it would be impossible without serious effort to stop it. We will be back to Paris. For sure.

    Who is this comment from? I am trying to figure out who I know that took French for 4 years because next time we go it would be nice to have a French speaker with us...

  3. I took french for 6 could surely take me! However, I read it much better than actually speaking it! lol but I wasn't the one who posted the comment....