Thursday, May 22, 2008

Settling Into Clapham

We are starting to settle in to our new place in Clapham. We spent the entire weekend and the first few days of this week trying to get everything sorted for the busy few weeks ahead. The cats are still a bit nervous but are warming up to the new surroundings. However, they still aren't sure what to think of the red London buses (you know, the big double decker ones) that noisily drive by. We've been telling them to relax but they aren't listening.

In the meantime we have lots of friends visiting that should help us adjust to our new place. A couple nights ago we met Jeremy and Amanda, friends from Indy for dinner. Today Erin & Melissa get in town and are staying with us until we all leave for Brussels on Saturday. Then late next week Erin & Jamo are in town for a few days before heading off to more European destinations.

Oh, and I almost forgot the England V USA match at Wembly Stadium next week. Exciting stuff!

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