Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Intercontinental Cats...Mia & Gypsy

It has been quite a long 2 days for Mia & Gypsy but they have arrived in the UK safe and sound!

Their journey began Monday morning about 9:00(EST) when I loaded them into their carriers and we drove Cleveland to catch our flight. They checked in at the cargo warehouse around 3:45pm and boarded the plane for London Gatwick at 7:00pm(EST). Their ticket was first class cargo, well under the first class seating in the main cabin anyway. The plane landed at 8:20(BST +5 hours) where it took roughly 2 1/2 hours to clear customs and get entry clearance so Steph and I could pick them up. Finally after a short cab ride we made it to our flat in Redhill around 12:00pm(BST). Their total trip in the carriers was almost 5000 miles with a ridiculous travel time of 22 hours.

Here is a good picture of Mia relaxing after the long trip.

I posted the pictures of their journey here.

Before I hit the couch I want to give a couple shout outs.

First I want to say a big time thank you to Continental Airlines and their PetSafe program for taking excellent care of my 2 special travelers. They went above and beyond the call of duty which helped ease our minds on such a stressful journey.

Second, a super special thanks to Kenny and Lois for cat-sitting for the past two months and for enduring the drive with me to Cleveland. Mia wasn't happy and she let us know all about it.

Finally before anybody asks... the cats don't meow with a British accent just yet.


  1. I'm glad your kitties are now successful international travelers! I'm sure they are glad to be in their new home with their mommy and daddy.


  2. Glad to see that Mia is happy again. After our trip to Cleveland, I was very worried about her.

    Take good care of Mia & Gypsy like their Grandmum did.

    They seem very much at home already at their Redhill flat.
    I know you are glad to be a family again.

    What world travelers they are.
    Remember...they need treats each night before bed!!!

    Love to you all,