Monday, June 25, 2007

Delta SiteSeer Challenge

All you travelling buffs listen up. Delta is looking for people to participate in there SiteSeer Challenge for a chance to win 5 international trips and a load of Sky Miles.

Steph and I are planning on entering but we need some help. We are leaving for Tanzania on Thursday so it gives us a good opportunity to put together a video while we are in Zanzibar. Any ideas?

Drop us a comment with all of your creative and contest winning thoughts. Shout outs would be possible once we make the cut and get on the show.

Oh and speaking of shout outs, here is a big CHEERS to Bill Fisher who forwarded us the contest information.

Below are the contest details from the email...

We're looking for five teams of two great people to compete in the first ever SiteSeer Challenge from Delta and American Express.

  • Submit a homemade video by July 5, 2007 and Delta might choose your team to be one of the five! If we choose you as contestants, your team travels with all the other teams to an incredible international destination, where Delta captures your travel adventures on video.

  • After the trip, we'll post the travel videos for each of the five teams on People at home watch the videos and vote. The team with the fewest votes gets eliminated.

  • Then, the remaining four teams go on to the next international destination.

  • The whole process repeats for three more rounds of voting. The last team standing wins the grand prize—1 million miles from Delta and more! Submit your video to become a contestant by July 5, 2007.

  • Make us a short video starring you and a friend that shows us you'd be a great contestant team.

  • Wish us luck...

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    1. Hey Guys,

      I know this is kind of basic but I think it might be something that a lot of people would need... Kind of like an "Idiots Guide to Wherever" and you could do some basic info on the local culture, sights to see (which of course you will) the unspoken dress code, transportation, where to stay, where to eat, the kind of money and how it spends compared to in the U.S. and then of course important phrases like... do you speak english and where are the bathrooms? You could also throw posting the information on your blog for everyone since so many people can share your travels that way. GOOD LUCK! Enjoy Tanzania