Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Safari Begins...

We made it safe and sound. Our journey (aka safari) went something like this...

Train to Victoria Station, tube to Heathrow Airport (2 hours)
Standing in line to check in with Kenya Airways (45 mins)
Standing in line to change to a British Airways flight because Kenya was overbooked (45 mins)
Going through security, Josh being pulled aside for the full body scan (20 mins)
British Airways direct flight, versus laying over in Nairobi with Kenya Airways (10 hours)
Passport control in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (30 mins)
Met driver and guide, sat in traffic, ran errands such as changing money, buying a SIM card, buying ferry tickets (2 hours)
Lunch at pub on coast (1.5 hours)
Ferry to Zanzibar, packed to the brim (4 hours)
Standing on Zanzibar port wondering where to go, looking for our new driver/guide (20 mins)
Found driver, Zanzibar passport control and transfer to our beautifully unique hotel (30 min)
Finding yourself in the midst of a new cultural experience (timeless)

More to come...

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