Wednesday, April 23, 2008

UK Road Certified

After many hours of torture, Steph and I have both successfully passed our UK driving tests. We had to go back in time to the painful age of 16, forgetting all of our bad driving habits, and take both the theory and practical road tests again. Steph passed a few weeks ago with flying colors and I followed suit this morning without any hiccups. It wasn't a fun process but it's finally over and we can drive in the UK for the next 50 years.

It will be nice to start driving to work again as my ability to drive on my US license expired in early April.

Now we can focus on more important things such as blogging about Rome on Easter, which we haven't forgotten about and last weekend's Amsterdam excursion. We have lots of pictures to go through and post including some of the first pictures with the new camera.

Remember: Mirrors – Signal – Manoeuvre. Ah, enough already....

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