Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kentucky Upsets No. 9 Louisville, 40-34

I just heard the good news! I starting jumping up and down in the flat so I can't even imagine the excitement from those who were there. Our first win over a top 10 team in 30 years, really, are you kidding me...

Wait a second. That's the same score of the upset over Alabama. Nice.

Anyway from what I can find on the web it was an exciting game but I need a full recap. So for all of who were in attendance and those who watched on TV send me an email or post comments with your thoughts on the game.

Go Cats!

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  1. Josh/Steph--
    Guys, we sure missed u last night. And what a night it was. I think last nights game was the wildest football game I've ever been to. The crowd was into the game the entiiirrreee time----
    To start off I got there at 11am to help Bill, Harvey and Tom set up the tents, tables and this huge grill. We had 10 beer in the butt cardinals that were outstanding along with the other necessities. I slept, read a book, talked, etc for about 8 hours before game time and what a game it was.
    The way it started off I knew it was going to be a night to remember
    The fumble, interception, etc and scoring every time we touched the ball. louisville finally started picking up momentum and it was back and forth from there. Jamo sat with me and I probably hugged him more last night than in his entire life. People thought we were gay.
    As I said earlier, the crowd was really into the game. We didn't sit down all night except for one louisville series and at time outs.
    The Cats looked so awesome. I'm sure you read about the 4 sacks but Brohm got busted several times after releasing the ball. But he still had too much time for his throws though.
    Without a doubt louisville is a great team but it was a slug fest from the beginning. We did a great job of mixing things up and Tamme was used alot. I work with Jokers father in law and we're always wondering why Tamme doesn't see more action. Joker says lots of times he's not open or ran the wrong route but maybe he got the message. I keep asking Finley if he's passed my observations on to Joker.
    Kentucky looked solid the entire night. The offense was so balanced and the defense stopped the top offense in the nation a few times and came up big several times.
    The pass to Steve Johnson happened right in front of Jamison and Me but we didn't see him pull it in or run it in because everyone was jumping around and screaming. We had to watch it on replay but it was so unbelievable and shocking. That's a play everyone does to us, not us to them. Jamison started running down a couple of rows to try to see it. Alan Cutters wife called Lori's friend Nancy last night and Cutler talked to Johnson after the game. Johnson said there was about 3-4 seconds that the lights were in his eyes and he could not see the ball. Whoa-baby
    Then with 20 some seconds left, all I could think of was LSU. I think my heart stopped on that last pass play but Miclinton and Woodyard were there and I don't think Michael Bush would have made it in last night.
    Guys I wish you could have been there. It was a night so long in coming and a night I'll never forget. The team, coaches and fans so deserved it. We All worked hard that game. My voice is shot, my legs and ankles ache. It hurts but it hurts sooooooo good.
    I got home around 1am and still had a hard time going to sleep. I just talked to your Dad and then Jerrod and now You guys. I'm so pumped up again I guess I'm in for another sleepless night, but I'll have a shit eatin grin on my face.
    Well I'm going to wind this down and go online to the Courier Journal to see if they are happy in louisville. I guess you've notice I don't capitalize louisville. I would if they were named Jerkville.
    Here's hoping that we don't have a big let down. There are no easy games this year(Except maybe Eastern) Florida Atlantic is not going to be a push over and the SEC is so tough.(Plus LSU and Florida back to back. They may be the #1 and #2 teams in the nation) But we'll be there and work just as hard the next time. May the UK fans have made a transitional tradition of standing during games. It works for me.
    Good luck guys and keep safe. We keep you both in our prayers. We're excited that you're having such a good time and seeing the world.

    Love Larry (and Lori)