Thursday, April 5, 2007

You alright there?

This seemed to be the theme of the day. I guess we were standing around looking out of place and/or lost today while shopping but multiple times people would walk by and say "You alright there?" At first we were stunned thinking of course we are alright but we came to realize this is the same as some saying "May I help you" or "Is there anything I can help you with" in the US. So you just nod and carry on pretending to know what you are doing....

As you guessed today we did a little shopping in Redhll and took a journey to Reigate to find the HomeBase store. It is a small version of a Home Depot or Lowes. We need a rubbish bin so it was the best place to find a cheap on. It was a hoot to carry it back on the bus....

I uploaded some photos today. You will see some of Redhill and our bus ride.

The picture with the blog is the front our building. Yup thats Guinevere house. Our parking spot is to the left of the door which is the entrance to our flat. Convenient!


  1. am impressed you called the purchase a rubbish bin instead of a trash can or garbage can. You all are fitting right in.

    Just look to the right before you cross the street!

    Gail and Bill Fisher

  2. We look both ways before crossing the street. We don't know what way traffic is coming from...LOL

  3. And did you tell them "Yes, I am alright!" ? That would throw me for a loop!

  4. So - you do not have a garage? You will park to the Right of the garage with a car inside? love m