Monday, April 2, 2007

Packing - yeah, that was not fun.

Due to us living on such a limited amount of stuff (since we shipped the main load of stuff off about 3 weeks ago), we have been wearing the same small lot of clothing. Thus saving laundry day and packing day until the last day. :)

Josh was more motivated than I to start packing on Sunday as I kept saying "oh, we can finish up on Monday". But it was a good thing I listened to Josh...we were up until 5am packing everything. Fortunately, everything fit in to two carryons, two large suitcases and 3 large computer boxes. That was only 1 more box than we had originally planned - so not bad. To make the packing night, or should I say morning, more interesting - Mia popped our air mattress that we had been sleeping on the scrapbooking room at Josh's parent's house AND she escaped!

Let me explain. We propped our queen size air mattress up against the wall so we had more floor space to work. Mia was eyeballing the perch since we flipped it up but Josh yelled at her early to get away....see, Mia likes to be up high and likes to explore new perches. So, way later in the evening just as we were getting close to done, Mia jumps. Much to her surprise the air mattress was leaned against the wall where the ceiling was slanted down (think attic room), so there was no space at the top of the mattress on which to stand. So in the split second that she used to ascertain that there was no space for her, she planted two rear claws in the mattress side to get a grip. Also in that split second Josh bounded across the room and began to yell...but the damage had been done. One nice puncture and a smaller puncture right next to it. I grabbed the "repair kit" and read aloud to Josh "deflate, clean space, apply patch, LET SET FOR 4 HOURS". Ugh. We were going to bed in about 1 hour. After about 10 minutes of pure shock that she actually popped our brand new mattress, our only bed, we went back to packing.

I was in a zone...a sleepy, quite unaware I was taking papers to our file boxes in the hall and left the scrapbooking room door wide open. I was even crouched at the top of the stairs filing the paperwork. Josh was downstairs and came back up as I was finishing and then we both went into our room. Josh noted that I left the door open and then looked for both cats. Gypsy was out and about, but Mia was no where to be found. After looking under every chair, couch and crevice, we went downstairs. To make this more interesting Sadie, the parent's cat, and the two dogs were downstairs in the parent's bedroom and the door is open. Amazingly, I found Mia hiding behind the trashcan in the half bath at the bottom of the stairs. Also amazing - as Josh was carrying her up I saw Sadie standing in the doorway of the parent's bedroom - thank goodness Sadie didn't see Mia or the whole house would have quickly known we had an escaped cat. Whew.

We finished packing, feeling quite satisfied that everything fit and that we were done. Then we headed down to the couch - our new bed thanks to Mia.

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  1. When Zac gets around to sending me the pictures I will post the limo...