Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July, Welcome to New York City!

Happy Independence Day 2012!

I can't believe its already the 4th of July.  It seems like it was just January and we were boarding the plane to Russia.  The good news is we get a day of hotdogs and fireworks.  The bad news is that Steph and I are counting down the days till we go back to work next week!

Somehow the 6 months doesn't feel long or short.  We've gone from London to Russia, Mongolia, China, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, India, Hong Kong, Kentucky and have now officially moved to New York City!  

I know its been quiet on the blog front but the last 6 weeks or so we've been home in good ol' KY getting some time with friends and more importantly, family.  We've also been adjusting to being back home and the good and bad of reverse culture shock as some of you have seen.

Anyway, I'm keeping this brief but there is a lot to catch up on which I hope to do in the next few months.  We still have lots of stories to tell from Thailand and India along with our last thoughts on such a long travel.  Plus, there will be lots going on in NYC.  I can't believe this day is already here but our career break is just about over.

A few interesting tid bits from the move.
  • We took our apartment without ever seeing it.  We did it all remotely from KY.
  • It's a 13 hour drive from KY to NYC via the Lincoln tunnel in a sweet mini van.  The cats did not enjoy the ride.  
  • Driving in the city wasn't too bad but it did take a SatNav and Steph to navigate.  We made it with only one wrong turn.
  • We went to Bed Bath and Beyond for a big shop (about 5 big bags full) and the BB&B "concierge" hailed us a taxi.
  • We bought a 50 inch tv from B&H here and brought it home in the back of a taxi.
  • We had our first grocery delivery yesterday - what a way to shop!
  • We are missing Indian food.  Our first attempt ordering a curry was a fail.  Rupesh, tell your family they must come visit and teach us some secrets.
  • We have a 2nd room so visitors are welcome.  I have a lot of favors to return so now its your chance!
Finally, I want to give a big shout out to our good friend, Kristen, who was kind enough to view the apartment on our behalf while we were in KY.  In case you're wondering - we absolutely LOVE the apartment!

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