Thursday, May 17, 2012

Penang Odds and Ends

Before we move on from Penang, I wanted to show a few interesting photos for no particular reason.

First up is a group of friends we met walking on the beach who stopped to say hello.  I was taken aback seeing the Desert Storm shirt, nice one.  And next to him, a 1987 Giants Championship shirt, where do these guys shop.  Good stuff!

Then on the left you can see what happens when you have too much luggage and nowhere to store it on an overnight train.  You have to stack your bags on top of each other, chain them to the outside of your bunk before calling it a night and hiding them with the curtain.  Oh and I had to sleep with the camera bag at my feet.  *Note - we are now down to just one of the bags in the picture and one camera bag.  It feels good to travel light(er)!

Finally, on the right are a few directions for using a Western toilet.  I was just happy they had a sitting toilet!

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