Sunday, May 30, 2010

Beachy Head - Eastbourne

The great British summer was finally starting to make an appearance so we decided to get out and enjoy the sunshine.  We headed to the south coast to Eastbourne, mainly because it was a quick trip on the train.  We slept in so needed travel time to be short.  Being on the coast, fish and chips had to be on the menu for lunch.  Near the pier we found a takeaway shop and "tucked" in for a great lunch on a park bench.

The day before, we were watching a show called Saturday Kitchen.  Its just your normal Saturday morning show but all about cooking and food.  Well one thing they put to the test was the idea that hearing sounds from the environment of the food your are eating adds to the enjoyment value.  So much so that one chef here in London serves a seashell stuffed with an Ipod that plays seashore sounds.  We put this to the test.  I'm not sure if I buy in completely but the fish tasted so much better on the coast, listening to the seagulls and surf.  London pubs just can't complete...

Lunch over, Beachy Head was calling.  We headed off on the 2 mile walk to the top of the cliffs to take it in.  It was WINDY!  The photos came out well so I hope you enjoy.

Beachy Head Photos

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