Wednesday, January 9, 2008

2007 What a Ride - Year in Review

It has been a whirlwind year for us that started in Kentucky, moving to England, having visited Ireland, Tanzania, France, Italy, ending with a new years bang in Scotland.

We have traveled too many miles to count and we are enjoying our time abroad. I know I know, our carbon footprint is huge. Anyway, we've had the good fortune to spend each of our birthdays on new continent and in different country. I have to say it is incredible to see the sights and sounds from all over the world! So in sum, we want to highlight a few of our most memorable moments from the year.

At the top of the list has to be the trip to Tanzania. Possibly a once-in-a-lifetime trip thanks to my good buddy Sameer, who's wedding we were honored to be a part of.

One of the first days that comes to mind was in Zanzibar at the local outdoor food market. Our tour guide took us around the cornucopia of new and exotic fruits, veg and meats which was overwhelming. Venders and buyers were everywhere selling everything you can image. It was madness and a long way from Kroger.

And how could we forget the animals of Tanzania and how spectacular they were? Watching the lions hunting with such raw power, the giraffes eating high up in the trees, the massive elephants lumbering along, hippos swimming in their own stinky water and gazelles gracefully dashing in the grasslands. It was truly the most amazing experience to date.

Moving on to Europe, we couldn't leave out our journey to Ireland, which was our first real European trip. Missing our connecting flight, having to hop on a train instead to meet up with Mary and Chris. Oh, and not to mention our train car having an electrical fire/smoke en route?! Ireland was a beautiful place to visit - breathtaking. Sheep anyone...

How about the long flight after watching our poor cats board the plane on there way to England? Then the joy of welcoming them to the flat.

Ah, Paris. There is not much to say except that it is the city you expect it to be - beautiful, romantic and alive. Next time we go, we promise to learn some French beforehand!

Another good day was when Steph found an extra ticket to an Arsenal Champions League football match that allowed me to attend. To top it off, Arsenal won 7 – 0.

Then, Thanksgiving day in London with the family, but without turkey and dressing. That family visit was capped by a fun, albeit rainy, weekend in Venice.

Honorable mention goes to riding the Zorb which was an adrenaline fun-filled 45 seconds. And let the record show that we recommended it before the Today Show!

What a ride!

Finally to look ahead to 2008. Some of the trips we are planning include visits to Switzerland, Amsterdam, Rome for Easter, an Italian cooking class and wine tours in Tuscany and then to Germany. If you can believe it that just gets us to June! Plus, we have many friends and family who are planning to visit this coming year. We can't wait to see everybody and hopefully share some of these fabulous travel experiences with them.

2008 promises to be even better so stay tuned...

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  1. Hey Guys! Mel & I are officially scheduled to arrive May 22 at 8:40 a.m. London Gatwick. We were hoping to stay with you for three days or so before heading on to Brussels, Brugges, Antwerp (Possibly a day trip to Paris) and Amsterdam. When are you planning on Amsterdam? Will we be there then? I enjoyed your year in review!
    ~ Erin